She's Not Alone

She's Not Alone

Teardrops drench her pillow, coldness drenches her skin

She's pining for the ghost of a man who's never been

It was written in the stars and in the sadness of her eyes

They say there's someone for everyone, but that's all a pack of lies


For twenty years before, two miracles came to be,

to grow up, meet and fall in love, I think you call it destiny

but all went terribly wrong, one of them never took a breath

his Mum went to the "doctors" and gave her son the kiss of death


But at night she hears his voice, softly singing in her ear

the poetry and songs the world would never get to hear

In her sleep, she meets his friends, one-by-one then two-by-two

and together they mourn their stolen lives - one million times by two.