Let's Pretend We're Lovers

Let's Pretend We're Lovers

What you want of me I won't ignore,

though you'll use me as I've been used before.

If love was on the menu I'd want a slice

but if you're wondering why I'm thinking twice


It's easy for me to let you see

the darker, weaker side of me.

Let's pretend we're lovers, before we start

I can't promise you won't break my heart.


Can you blame me tonight for turning away?

These eyes express what words can't say.

Trying to hide but it's just no good

and the feelings go misunderstood.


You're immune to the signals I am sending,

only too aware that we're just pretending.

Even though I know you'll never be true,

let's pretend we're lovers - I won't refuse.


If I sin out of love can I hope & trust

that this bleeding heart is penance enough?

We play along even though I'll be

just used like a pill you think you need.


These tear-filled eyes remain unseen,

this body can't express what this heart doesn't mean.

Let's pretend we're lovers, I'll make love to you

but I'll be pretending that you love me too!