Let Me BE

Let Me BE

I crouch here close to tears,

the sound of your heartbeat caresses my ears.

This may be all the warmth I'll ever know,

but I know much more than you think.

I have great perceptive instincts,

though I may not live to ever let them show.


My eyes though tiny, cry already.

I know something's wrong - my future unsteady.

Mother you won't wait nine months I can see,

but there are couples hoping every day.

Ones with the will but not the way

and this death row thing was never meant to be!


I could grow up and make you - oh so proud

with my gift for speech - if I'm allowed.

The willing student - I'd love the chance to be.

It's hard to say at this early stage

if I could be the one to find a cure for AIDS.

I beg you Mother - don't pull the plug on me!