I had a dream one night we went walking in the rain

and every step we took washed away a little bit more pain

then we saw a vision that made us open up our minds

walking through a different world where all is safe and sound


This is a land of peace and love where no-one lives in fear

natures' goodness all around and no-one sheds a tear

Giant trees have caves in them, just waiting to be explored

prejudice and hatred are words never heard before


No farmers ever harvest a rich and abundant yield

of poppies and magic mushrooms, all year round in every field

work and play are one and there's no set times for rest

here politics means nothing, and money even less


So sorry to "awaken," grieved to open up my eyes

to this cynical, materialistic world, full of blind led by the blind

but I hope and pray that I'll return to Asgard again some day

and if I do I won't wake up, because I'll be there to stay.