The Illusion Of Choice

The Illusion Of Choice

In order to maintain a degree of 'apparent authenticity'  to the "democratic system"  - some actual voting  (& ballot counting) has to be involved.  It's not totally fake  - it works more like a heavily loaded dice. 

Sometimes, when there's a surprise (almost unanimous) vote (as there was with the Brexit referendum) their system of 'vote rigging'  doesn't yield the 'results they want'  because it is 'overwhelmed'  - so then the "globalists"  start winging for a 'second referendum'  - so they can 'rectify their mistake'  with an 'even more heavily loaded'  set up. 

If they can't 'factor you into their plans'  - they'll simply 'factor you out!' 

"Democracy"  is like the spherical world  you thought you lived in - FAKE! 

Just like "space", "science", "health care", "news" & "education" - all just the means by which they can extort money & get your consent to accept their Luciferian, JEWdicial system of "law" & be ruled over (or even killed) by their bullying control-freaks - many of whom basically use their uniforms as a substitute for Viagra. Actually, I'm sure many of them use Viagra as well - to stop them rolling out of bed at night (ha! Ha!)

No-ones going to 'give you'  freedom - it's 'your birthright'  & YOU have to TAKE IT BACK! 

Kneeling down & begging "governments" to 'please be nicer', to tell the truth, to stop snooping your letters/emails/online activity, stop recording your phone conversations, clocking all your movements, poisoning your water & chem-trailing your air  - is NEVER GOING TO WORK! 

Even the masonic shill Albert Einstein recognised that 'insanity is repeating the same procedure over & over & expecting a different result.' 

George Carlin said something that is also 'every bit as true'  outside America - he said: 
"'s called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it." 

It's high time everyone was AWAKE - democracy is FAKE! 

Below:- Scotlands' independence referendum - just one example

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