The Bible Says The Earth Is Flat!

The Bible Says The Earth Is Flat ....

.... as does the Books Of Enoch & Jubilees!

Outside of the Roman Catholic Church  & the scientism community  of today (both of which are controlled by the Jew world order) - throughout history  everyone  knew that the Earth is flat!


But while more & more people are awakening to the obvious heresies, scandals & outright diabolical  nature of the modern Roman Catholic "church"  disenchanted Roman Catholics  (those trying to remain faithful to their beliefs) are turning to the Sedevacantist movement - as I once did.

"Sedevacantist" (Sede vacante) literally means 'Seat Vacant'  - a reference to the "chair of Peter" or "Papal chair"  which is believed to be 'vacant'  due to the fact that the current claimant to the Papacy (presently Jorge Bergoglio - notice 'Gog' in the name, AKA "Pope Francis") is an apostate impostor - an 'anti-pope' .... as has been every claimant to the Papacy since John XXIII - according to Sedevacantist beliefs.

The blame has been laid at the door of the modernists  - a movement (within the RCC) resulting from a prolonged infiltration of freemasons, communists & sexual deviants,  which eventually led to the Second Vatican Council & subsequent apostasy  within the structures of the Roman Catholic Church.

On the surface, this would seem to make sense, in light of many previous Magisterial declarations throughout church history - especially those which declare the ipso-facto ex-communication of heretics from the body of the church.

Over time though, a number of questions arose that were simply never answered  - but it was one question  in particular that ultimately provided the answer to all the others.

The first questions were:

1. Why don't the Sedevacantists  reactivate  the 'traditional Roman Catholic Church'  - by opening seminaries, recruiting disenchanted traditionalists & clergy  (from what they call "the Vatican II sect")  with view to eventually re-establishing & maintaining the traditional Catholic faith & sacraments?

2. If Roman Catholicism  is the one true faith  - how come the gates of Hell  have so successfully managed to prevail against it - contrary to what Jesus said about his church?

3. Why has the Roman Catholic Church  always upheld so many Pagan, idolatrous traditions,  which have been so clearly condemned in the Bible?

4. Why do Sedevacantist Catholics insist on saying the Rosary & only receiving sacraments from dwindling numbers of traditionally ordained  (& now very elderly) priests, yet seemingly won't lift a finger to actually restore the "church" or any of its' traditions, despite having managed to amass considerable worldwide public support?

5. Why did they (the Roman Catholic Church) exclude the books of Enoch   (a prophet said to have walked with God) & Jubilees  from the Canon in the first place?


But it was this question  that answered all  of the others:

6. Why (just like the "conciliar church") are Sedevacantist Catholics still lying  about the very shape of the Earth?


When you watch the video below, you may realise that it is the Roman Catholic Church  itself that is the whore of Babylon - the false Bride of Christ  (mentioned in scripture)  that would eclipse the true Bride. 

The true Bride of Christ  I have come to believe is the Orthodox Christian Church, which has indeed been eclipsed  by the Roman Catholic Church.


The answers to the first questions:

1. The Sedevacantist movement  are an exercise in controlled opposition that exist to prevent  disenchanted Roman Catholics, who are seeking the truth, from finding it - in the Orthodox Christian Church!  The Sedevacantists come up with a seemingly infinite number of ways to explain away (to people desperate for explanations) all the signs which prove that the Roman church is unholy, & always has been.

2. Simply put - the Roman Catholic Church  is NOT the Bride of Christ - but the false bride  that exists to eclipse the true Bride  as predicted in scripture.  The Sedevacantists who claim that they are now the Church,  in reality are just ex-Roman Catholics  complaining about the "church"  they left, but continuing to do nothing about it,  while still maintaining many of the idolatrous traditions of Roman Catholicism.  Do we really need a million explanations  as to why this "church"  bears all the hallmarks of the 'whore of Babylon'??? ....NO ....just like the horizon which looks flat because it is flat,  the Roman Catholic "Church"  looks bad because it is bad ... it's as simple as that! - "By their fruits  you will know them"

3. The Roman Catholic Church  (before & after Vatican II) is a neo-Pagan, pseudo-Christian church,  set up by Pagan idolaters  in an effort to ensure the survival of the falling  Roman Empire, by the clever & pragmatic  Emperor Constantine.  Needless to say it worked - the falling Roman Empire  became the "Holy Roman Empire"  & everybody bought it.  The Bible also mentions that the devil will deceive the whole world.

4. The continued worship of the "goddess ISIS" (AKA Sofia, Venus, Artemis, Athena etc) was only possible by 'passing her off as the mother of God'  - indeed many of the titles attributed to Mary the mother of God  today (Our Lady, Queen of Heaven, Lily of the Valley, Lady of the Roses, Star of the Sea ...etc)  have historically been used in reference to Pagan "goddesses"  which are all just female aspects of the androgynous Baphomet  (Lucifer - the devil)  or other fallen angels  known by many names, both male & female,  often being associated with the occult symbol  of the rose. (Rosary, Rosicrucians, sub-rosa - the well kept secret, hidden in plain sight).

5. The books of Enoch & Jubilees  reveal too many truths  that the ancient fallen angel-spirit 'Lucifer'  & his servants would really rather you never knew,  like the truth about the flat Earth, the Nephilim & their bloodlines, the existence of giant trees  & indeed the true divine purpose of life itself.  Remember that Lucifer  was the most beautiful & brilliant  of all Yehwehs' walking creations. He is more devious & knowledgeable  than any human that has ever, or will ever exist - he deceived a third of the angels in Heaven - he can certainly deceive humans!

6. So - the answer to question number 6 is the same as the answer to question number 1 - The Sedevacantist movement  are controlled opposition that exist to prevent  disenchanted Roman Catholics, who are seeking the truth, from finding it - in the Orthodox Christian Church!  But this answer must be expanded to include the truth - that as long as you keep saying the rosary  (effectively worshipping Isis as 'Mary')  & believing in the 'globe Earth',  then they still have you in Lucifers' grasp - so your belief in "outer space"  means that you'll likely fall for the forthcoming alien disclosure deception.

This is what 500 years of what they call 'their great work' is all about - creating the sudden necessity for one world government (in response to the perceived threat from "outer space") one world religion (which together make up the physical & spiritual aspects of their new world order) - in which everyone will be required to worship the devil - instead of the God.  Remember that the Bible tells us (on numerous occasions) that the 'gods'  of Pagans are devils,  so we must see "Roman Catholic ecumenism"  for what it actually is - the whore of Babylons' way to dupe us into accepting the worship of devils.

So it should all make sense, why Roman Catholicism  (and so many of it's spin-off theological parodies - over 2600 denominations confirmed to date) have long traditions of cherry picking the Holy Scriptures  & promoting vastly different interpretations of them. 

Doctrinal chaos  is said to be the bad fruit  of man-made religion.

But the true Church, the true Bride of Christ  (founded by the Christ himself) is characterised by it's unity of faith  (" Lord, one faith, one Baptism.") & over 2000 years consistent adherence  to Apostolic tradition, Christian doctrine & Biblical truth.

The Earth is flat - & anyone  who tells you otherwise is in the service of the father of lies himself.

Thessalonians 5:21

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