Immeasurable lies

Immeasurable Lies

Hope you are all enjoying your ongoing Christmas celebrations!


For anyone who has looked into & tested the so-called "science"  which claims the Earth is a globe, spotting the problems with it becomes not only easy, but instantaneous.

Anyone  can compare the fundamental formula for calculating "the Earths' curvature"  (8" X mileage squared) with reality & see that it does not work at all - as I have done in the following video:

Given further explanation here:

Much of the indoctrination we have all been subjected to, focuses on repeatedly teaching us  to deny our own senses & mistrust our own observations.

The rest of the conditioning process relies on the fact that we have been programmed  with that misinformation  & so invests heavily in making us WANT to continue to believe it - with entertainment  full of content based on that same misinformation.

The whole sci-fi genre is based on those ideas - & hence we have Star-Trek, Star Wars, Aliens ....etc, & it is this constant repetition which makes the lies seem so true, to ignorant people.

Consider this;

No-one in history has ever  detected movement or curvature of the Earth - so how is it possible that they could tell us (to within multiple decimal places) the "speed we are spinning at, the speed we are hurtling around the sun at, & how fast the sun is moving" ?????

Perhaps motor manufacturers could save a fortune by omitting speedometers from their cars, because after all we don't need 'measuring instruments' do we - it's all down to 'poetic knowlege' - right?

You don't have to be a genius to see that everything they show you on the news about "space"  all the imagery & footage is CGI - even their weather programmes are animated!

Don't take my word for it - go take a look for yourself!

Here's another good video from Eric Dubay, talking (as always) in perfect common sense language.

Enjoy & happy New Year!