Flat Earth - The Internets' Most Censored Content!

Flat Earth - the internets' most censored content!

When something becomes so obvious  (thanks to the work of Eric Dubay) that they start having to censor it, there has to be a point where the vast majority start to notice the conspiracy  to hide it, even if they haven't noticed the truth of the subject itself.

The evidence of Earth's flatness is obvious to anyone willing to look at things objectively, but the evidence of that truth  being covered up is equally obvious.

It's actually amazing just how completely people have been blinded & indoctrinated by scientism  but thankfully, that's changing.

Here are two very good videos by Eric Dubay.

The first one pointed out one particular  piece of evidence so irrefutable,  that I felt compelled to make a meme to show how it destroys  the globe lie  completely.

The second video is about the recent exponential increase  in dishonesty, misinformation & outright censorship that has been going on since the start of the flat Earth awakening - but this year, they're not even being discreet about it anymore.

That's because they're in panic mode!

Flat Earth truth is going mainstream  & there's not a damned thing they can do about it - except of course to sit back & watch while the growing flat Earth community destroys 500 years of what they call "the great work."

Sorry gays (ooOPS)... guys - your precious  so-called 'new world order'  is never going to happen.

Give it up - you've lost!

Below: They couldn't have confirmed  what's being said in this blog  any better - video removed  by Jewtube!