Flat Earth - No Longer Conspiracy Theory

Flat Earth - No Longer Conspiracy Theory!

Regardless of what 'position' you take on the Flat Earth debate - it can no longer be called a 'conspiracy theory.'

Google/Youtube have actually admitted  that they are now CENSORING search results for 'Flat Earth related' searches.

In any court of "law" - an admission is sound grounds for a conviction, so this admission by Google/Youtube clearly proves once again that there is in FACT a conspiracy to hide genuine Flat Earth results.

Of course - the Flat Earth community have known this for a long time, after seeing just how many Flat Earth channels & videos have been getting removed.

Even on this 'Flat Earth web-page' you can see just how many 'duds' have been left after the embedded videos were removed  by Youtube - & that's only since  I started leaving them embedded - as evidence. An awful lot of videos were replaced  before that.

So as mentioned, admission is presumed as guilt (in law) - so (legally speaking) there can no longer be any such thing as a 'Flat Earth conspiracy theorist.'  - because the conspirators themselves (at least some of them)  have proven us to be correct!

So the question remains - Why? 

Marilyn Spirit Level Teed explains in some of her videos that the kings didn't allow the peasants to learn to read & write, but today this is not possible - therefore their only alternative is to "educate with lies.

She said: "If they can fool you, they can rule you. If they can get you to deny your own senses, they've got you - then they'll get you to believe anything."

Enough said?