( Covid 19 )

One thing strangely absent from all these "news" reports about this apparent Covid-19 pandemic,  is the lack of footage of its' unfortunate victims.

We'd expect to see multiples of coughing & spluttering people, in countless hospital wards, across countless towns, in countless countries - reporters going from bed to bed, talking to people in various stages of infection, about their symptoms & experience - but we haven't seen any of that.

In fact - all we have seen  is a CGI spinning globe - repeatedly & periodically onscreen.

What does that remind you of ???

In my experience - if they have to generate paintings, composites or CGI images of something (like the globe Earth) it's because they can't show you the real thing - because it doesn't exist in reality.

The logical  thing to do in the event of any danger of pandemic  would be to ground all international flights & travel - & deal with the threat locally,  but the reason they didn't do that - is because they wanted what they could call a "global pandemic"

Remember those weapons of mass destruction - they were never found, were they?

Quote: "Always remember to never forget" The Potters Clay 

Below: Realtime comparison of the nine-eleven "collapse"  of Solomon Bros' building 7  compared to another controlled demolition. This building was reported as having collapsed 25 minutes before it actually did - obviously because the news was/is scripted - do you really think you can trust the lying, masonically controlled media??

"Corona (definition): A white or colored circle or set of concentric circles of light seen around a luminous body, especially around the sun or moon."

This name is interesting because the sun represents Lucifer (aka Pan, Apollo, Horus, the 'Horned God' ... etc - the light bearer) the Moon represents the goddess Isis (Artemis, Sofia ...etc)  so then we can interpret the circles as the Judeo-masonic circle of sun-god/moon-goddess worshippers - the 'corona' & this has clear references to the luminous body . .  . . or Illuminati.


Below: Conclusive proof that the media are lying about coronavirus

They are using 'Coronavirus' as the tool to achieve lock-down, eventual forced vaccinations (on a massive scale) & legislation in every part of their jewdical systems - to sweep away what's left of our rights - all in the interest of public health. It's also the most effective way to get people off the streets so they can do whatever they need to in preparation for the next stage of their plans for a new world order.

As usual, just after the "damage" done by the controversy over vaccine safety, & the subsequent public concern caused by it - here comes a timely "global pandemic" to remind us just how "wonderful" the masonic vaccine industry are - & how much we'll have needed them - to "save us all from the Coronavirus!"

Bringing order out of chaos - sound familiar??

Above: Latin - 'Order out of chaos'  They also say 'Novus ordo seclorum'  which means 'new world order'

The purpose of mass vaccination is to try to stop the mass awakening that is obviously happening - so it's important for everyone to make them stick their vaccines where the 'sun' don't shine.

It may also be a way to covertly implant RFID chips (the mark of the beast?)  on a worldwide scale.

Note: In the USA, between 2003 & 2020 there were 2 deaths from measles, but in that same time period there were 127 MMR vaccine-related deaths (not to mention related heath problems like autism, paralysis, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, tourettes etc, etc, etc) - proving that the "cure" is far more worse than the disease. Yet they're still talking about legislation for mandatory vaccination, because of this "global pandemic"!!!

The sad truth is that the panic they're causing is real, the lock-down is real, & the forthcoming battles - are very real!

The last time they prepared legislation (the terrorism act) & then created the crisis to justify it's hurried implementation (nine-eleven) the sleeping masses didn't know what they know now.

Are we going to let this happen again?? - WAKE UP!!


Update 18th March 2020:  

Just heard this morning about the plan (today) to pass legislation allowing police to arrest & isolate anyone (internment) in the interest of "public health" - this means innocent people will be arrested for sneezing, rubbing their eyes, coughing - or just because some black-lodger fancies their girlfriend!!!

It won't end there though - they'll be able to use these "laws" long after this fake pandemic is over . . . . because they just want to be able to arrest people - no excuses necessary!

The purpose of this is the silencing &/or removal of anyone who is perceived as an obstacle to their attainment of full, absolute control.

As usual (via their masonically controlled media) they're creating fear - & using it to secure our co-operation, while they proceed to legislate away our rights!

Below: Do Viruses Exist? - watch it before jewtube deletes it!

They will however, have to get you to understand (stand under) the legislation, by saying something like;

"Under section *** of the (bullshit) public health act of 2020 (for example) I/we have the power to arrest you in the interest of public health, do you understand?"

To which you should say no or I do not stand under, or just remain silent - either way, make sure you record the whole incident. Not only do they hate that, but they have no lawful power to act against you without this 'consent' If they still proceed to arrest you, then that constitutes unlawful arrest.

This is the new world order - we simply cannot accept this - we are the ones who can & should bring their totalitarian, masonic control system to a standstill with civil disobedience.

Remember there is always going to be more of us!

Prepare yourself!

Let's not forget that all this masonic sh*te  was predicted 2000 years ago in the Bible

Below: Bill Gates & the mark of the beast - jewtube video so watch while you can.

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