(Copied to here from a social media post I did a while back)

For people who think it's all a big coincidence..... 

......That the music industry are overtly Satanic, 

that every other TV advert has winking, EYE flashing, EYE covering puppets, 

that most movies show a "globe Earth"  at the start, 

that police wear 'chequered black & white' like on masonic lodge floors (duality)

that every country  adopts the Judicial (Jewdicial) system of "law", 

that Americans have to dial 911 (Revelations chapter which describes Lucifer falling from Heaven) - for their emergency services, 

that UK residents have to dial 999 (666 - the number of the beast inverted) - for their emergency services, 

that taxpayers everywhere had to bail out the (Jew owned) banks (whos' company names & logos are full of Luciferian, sun-cult symbolism),

that ALL historys' eminent "scientists"  just HAPPEN to be freemasons, 

that ALL "astronauts"  just HAPPEN to be freemasons also, 

that "churchmen" & 'politicians'  constantly use occult hand signs & handshakes, 

that the "church"  has banned  the writing, speaking or singing of our Gods' true name "Yahweh"  & his son (our saviours')  name "Yeshua"  - citing "Jewish tradition"  as the reason!! (???)

Well they can't very well allow any practice  that could invoke our Divine Creators' presence  in their fake church  now - can they ??

Hard to accept truths are - still truths!

So, if you think it's all a coincidence  you should know - THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES!!! 

The world will be run by devil worshippers & reprobates only as long as people consent to it with silence &/or co-operation.

We've been indoctrinated with a diabolical lie,

but now it's time to wake up - research flat Earth!