Feel Sorry for "moon landing" BeLIEvers

Feel Sorry for "moon landing" BeLIEvers.

Really - the title of this blog says it all!

In light of the overwhelming  evidence of obvious fraud surrounding the "moon missions" (as well as everything else the "space programmes" do)  anyone that still  believes they landed on the moon in 1969 has got to be ...(sorry - there's no nice way to say this) ....hopelessly stupid, mentally deficient, - or in laymans' terms ....thick as shit!

People like that are only to be pitied.

Honestly - how anyone  can see shadows going in all directions,  a completely star-less "lunar sky",  the horizon at knee-level & just 20 feet away, & NOT REALIZE they're just looking at a studio set - the conclusion has to be that they're totally dum-dum, brain-dead or similar.

So even if they still  don't get it, after seeing Pluto on "planet Pluto"  here's videos from me, & from Truth Centre that should (hopefully)  be able to wake up even the most die-hard, indoctrinated sheeple.

Enjoy - while you still can!


Oh & ....don't forget your Pringles ....or your Jaffa Cakes.


Below: Another truth video censored by JewTube

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