Girl On The Bus

Girl On The Bus 

Longing eyes behind golden curls 

so far away in your own world. 

I count the times and don't forget 

how many times our eyes have met.


I sympathise, you're…

Cloud 9

Cloud 9

On the wings of our imaginations

and the homeliness of Cloud 9

may we never touch the ground.

The only way to fly.


The air is so much softer

and all…

White Rose

White Rose

Today someone amazing

really took me by suprise.

She wore flowers in her hair

and twinkles in her eyes.


Every little detail

from her ribbons to her frills

told me…

Remote Familiar

Remote Familiar

I used to see a little bird

that had a broken wing.

When I neared, it ran away

the frightened little thing.


In pain it responded to my song

but when…

Let Me BE

Let Me BE

I crouch here close to tears,

the sound of your heartbeat caresses my ears.

This may be all the warmth I'll ever know,

but I know much more than you think.


Take My Hand

Take My Hand

When this world seems harsh and cruel

and sees no deeper than the skin

you need not be afraid

just take my hand


When you smile to hide your soul,



How could you ever love me

when I sold myself so cheap?

Yet you say your heart is bleeding

from a wound that's cut so deep


You paid me for the service



Used to be an atom

mass number about 10 stone

complete within itself

and happy to be alone


Reacted with another

what a big mistake

now I'm a negative ion



I had a dream one night we went walking in the rain

and every step we took washed away a little bit more pain

then we saw a vision that made us open up our…



He doesn't see well & he can hardly speak

some peoples idea of a "natural freak"

yet something gives him the will to live

he's easily hurt, but he will forgive


He senses…

She's Not Alone

She's Not Alone

Teardrops drench her pillow, coldness drenches her skin

She's pining for the ghost of a man who's never been

It was written in the stars and in the sadness of her eyes

Let's Pretend We're Lovers

Let's Pretend We're Lovers

What you want of me I won't ignore,

though you'll use me as I've been used before.

If love was on the menu I'd want a slice

but if you're wondering…