Yamaha MU100r - a wolf in sheeps' clothing

The Yamaha MU100r rackmount synthesizer module.
Deceptively powerful MIDI instrument, vocal harmoniser & multi effects unit. 

Yamahas' XG system extends the editing & variety of sounds exponentially over & above the standard General Midi protocol. 
The quality & variety of…

Yamaha QY-700 - Still the king of hardware sequencers!

The QY-700 is simply the most powerful sequencer ever made! 
Anyone who creates electronic music & uses it will reach that same inevitable conclusion. 

32 tracks of MIDI running alongside fully programmable 16 track accompaniment patterns, preset & user…

What's not to like about the Yamaha CS1x?

This is a 'sample based' synthesizer, but one that was designed from the ground up to sound 'analogue' ...& it certainly does!


Yamaha have done a great job at making a little synth sound absolutely huge! 
This IS a full…