Trust their captors,

Easily fightened,

Easily exploited,

Not very bright,

Easily led ....

.... usually to slaughter.


Any questions??



When Lou Minnati

Up-scaling Audio?

Up-scaling Audio?

Is it possible to improve the quality of already recorded  music?

Technically speaking  - the honest answer is no,  but subjectively - I would say the answer is definitely yes.

Most people who work with…

Becoming a Kurzweilian?

Becoming a Kurzweilian?

New keys - here's what they sound like

Kurzweil Artis stage piano

Here's what they look like (same sound engine as the SE models):

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Yamaha portable Piano?

Yamaha Portable Piano?

Yamaha portable piano?

Are you thinking of buying a portable piano for live use?

Introducing the new Yamaha P-511 73-note Portable Piano ....

.... which (unfortunately for now) exists only in our dreams!

We live…

The Keys To Happiness

The Keys To Happiness

Years ago, when endeavouring to practice, rehearse & eventually go on tour, it was very clear to aspiring songwriting musicians  like myself, what the most appropriate approach  would be.

Naivety  is often accompanied by …

Casio PX-350 - Review

Casio PX-350 Keyboard Review

Marketed as a 'stage piano' & with its' editable patterns & arranger functions, Casios' Privia PX-350 seemed to offer solo keyboardist/performers almost everything they needed in a light & portable instrument - but it

Band or banned?

Band or banned?



It's interesting the phonetic similarity  between the word 'band'  & 'banned.'

In my unfortunate  experience - the two have always amounted to the same thing,  because the biggest obstacle to gathering & keeping…

That Friday feeling

Today felt (for some reason) like a new beginning - it's Friday & everything somehow just looks fresh & new.

So when I found this video which brings together three of my greatest loves (you can figure them out

The new Yamaha Genos

Yamaha have announced the Tyros 5 replacement

the Genos!


Pretty exciting for those of us who are that way inclined.

So what's the 'Gen'???

A website exists ( which has invited enthusiasts…

Yamaha P-115 - almost perfect

The Yamaha P-115 is a great stage piano, but the factory settings don't really do justice to this instruments capabilities. 

The P-115 sounds ok out of the box - but can sound awesome with just a few simple tweaks.

Shroud of Turin validated by science

The Shroud of Turin is authentic - according to the latest scientific research.

Above image of Jesus derived from data taken from the Shroud of Turin


We all know about the well publicised Carbon C14 dating…

Digital music sucks!

Most people are unaware of the actual differences between digital & analogue recordings, & why would they - unless there's a reason for knowing?

The general assumption has been that all things digital are superior to analogue, but (while digital…