Yamaha MU100r - a wolf in sheeps' clothing

The Yamaha MU100r rackmount synthesizer module.
Deceptively powerful MIDI instrument, vocal harmoniser & multi effects unit. 

Yamahas' XG system extends the editing & variety of sounds exponentially over & above the standard General Midi protocol. 
The quality & variety of the extra sounds is extremely impressive, particularly with strings & analogue synth leads & basses. 

You also have control over the cut-off, attack, decay & filter resonance among other things. 
There's numerous banks of very high quality XG-100 & VL-XG sounds (utilising physical modelling & sample & synthesis) along with every kind of acoustic & electronic drum kit. 

You have two MIDI inputs (each with their own set of 16 MIDI instruments) MIDI out & MIDI thru, plus a 'To Host' computer port. 
'Performance mode' allows you to set up multi-layer combinations for 'live play' with or without simultaneous MIDI backing. 

Two A/D inputs (with gain) accept audio in stereo or mono, for line level, guitar level or microphone level, which then go through a number of suitable multi-effect preset or user set-ups. 
These set-ups have access to 5 simultaneous HQ effects & the 3-part vocal harmoniser (plus a multi-band output EQ) all while playing up to 32 tracks of MIDI, at 64 note polyphony ....POWERFUL! 

2 additional audio outputs (fully assignable even with individual drum sounds) are provided, as well as the stereo outputs. You've also got individual 2-band EQ on every MIDI Channel & the A/D inputs, all controllable from your hardware or computer sequencer.
One last function worth mentioning is the ability to display the 'system exclusive' (or MIDI standard control change) data onscreen, for any parameter you're using, just by double-clicking the 'Enter' button, so you can enter these CC's into your sequencer, & you don't have to understand Yamahas' 'system exclusive' messages. 

All edits can be stored into any of your 100 user performances. 
Overall it's a very big sounding, flexible & powerful workhorse synthesizer & sound module/effects unit, for any studio of live set-up & it's sounds pack a serious punch!

Yamaha sounds
(including many from the MU100r)  have always featured heavily on all of my recordings, often exclusively - so couldn't really recommend Yamaha products any more than that.
Don't think that situation is likely to change either, as I find I'm using less & less equipment from the other brands but I'm still happy with the results.