White 432Hz - Album Profile

White 432Hz - Album Profile


  • Release date: 2018 
  • Availability: Hi-res (24-bit/96Khz) music streaming services & analogue audio cassette only (CDs discontinued).
  • Tracks: 12 songs;
  1.  Mud In Your Eye
  2.  No Escape
  3.  News
  4.  What You Do
  5.  Warning!
  6.  Wine Glasses
  7.  Who Are You Now?
  8.  Blue
  9.  Into the Black
  10.  Let's Pretend We're Lovers
  11.  Be with Me
  12.  Disqualified


  • General Information

Turned out to be something of a return to the  'electronic rock'   sound of the debut album, as this is quite an angry album  overall.  A lot of the songs were written in protest - so it needed to sound edgy  to reflect the sentiments therein.

Plenty of overdrive/distortion & the occasional
(Anglo-Saxon) expression  feature in the lyrics, as seemed appropriate for the content.  As usual, Sharonas'  kind  (but unfortunately this time very limited)  appearance adds a touch of sparkle & colour to the album.


  • Trivial Information

You may see me as one of the  'tin foil hat brigade'  if you like, but there  is  a sinister campaign for a 'new world order' (novus ordo seclorum)   being implemented - the indicative signs & symbols are all too obvious (for those adept enough to recognise them).  This cannot be just a  'conspiracy theory'  since numerous presidents & politicians have been telling us about it for years - they do  'sometimes'  tell the truth.
Call me old-fashioned,  but I find the egenicist plans of the Canaanites 
(to reduce the worlds population by 80% & enslave everyone left) - as grossly unacceptable!  (See the Georgia Guide Stones  or the Denver Airport Murals  among  many other things - if you have difficulty accepting this information)

So the first track  'Mud In Your Eye'  is an impassioned protest song,  against this diabolical new world order.
We all have a duty, for ourselves & for future generations - to oppose this tyranny.


'No Escape' (a more personal protest song)  is about the bitter struggle to break free - from those who have always tried to keep me on my knees & undermine all my efforts to gain recognition as an artiste.
It never ceases to amaze me how envious control-freaks  think it's OK  to do whatever they want  to someone who deserves none of it - because of how they feel  about it.

Set in the 1980's, 'Warning'  is based on a true story - of how prejudice, misunderstanding & harassment  brought about a good mans' mental illness - eventually boiling over, with very tragic consequences.
When the perpetrators of such crimes are in uniform - no-one is ever held to account.
Gang-stalking & harassment are still unacceptable, even if the state  allows 'certain gangs'  to get away with it.

'Who Are You Now?  is a tribute to one of the founding members of Pink Floyd, the late, great, erratic genius - Syd Barrett.  It has been said that he went over the top with psychedelic drugs, but all we can be sure of is his amazing creativity & prolific songwriting.

This song was an effort to pay tribute to that classic Syd Barrett/Pink Floyd  sound.  

This is just one of many peoples' tributes to a truly gifted musical innovator - who is truly missed!

'Into the Black'  is another tribute song - this time for the late Curt Cobain - yet another one of many pointless & wasteful sacrifices (which include all members of the so-called 27-club)  made by an utterly diabolical music industry & staged as suicide - as usual.
Is it all  just a big coincidence?


'Let's Pretend We're Lovers'  is a poem (pls see the Poetry In Emotion page)  which has been set to music, with Sharonas'  kind assistance.  Inspired by an approach taken by The Doors  after the departure of Jim Morrison  (another member of the 27-club & similar in approach to a previous track we did on the 'Crystaline Synthesis'  album called - 'Electric Kiss'.


'White 432Hz'  is the last album featuring electronic music,  before taking a completely new  (more organic)  approach to songwriting, recording & performance - beginning with the  'Piano Punk'  album which (all being well) will be profiled next.

Cheers & God bless!