Soul Not For Sale - Album Profile

Soul Not for Sale - Album Profile


  • Release date: 2014
  • Availability: Hi-res (24-bit/96Khz) music streaming services & analogue audio cassette (CDs discontinued). 
  • Tracks: 12 songs;
  1. All Night Long
  2. Wasting My Time
  3. Window to the Soul
  4. Little Sad Goodbye
  5. Where Did I Go Wrong?
  6. Ballintoy
  7. Hetrosexual
  8. Almost for Real
  9. Automatic
  10. On This Night
  11. In Our Dreams
  12. Blue Moon


  • General Information

As the title may suggest, this is a much more soulful  album, but still essentially electronic.
This is also the first album where  Sharona Purcell  makes her appearance, featuring on the songs 'Little Sad Goodbye, Where Did I Go Wrong?, On This Night, Blue Moon',  &  to a lesser extent on 'In Our Dreams'.


  • Trivial Information

The original recording  of  'All Night Long'  appears on the 'Alfie Syntauri EP'  & was an effort to pay tribute to the music of Barry White.
This recording  is a more fresh & straightforward approach, re-recorded for the album.


'Wasting My Time'  &  'Where Did I Go Wrong?'  are both about being a round peg in a world of square holes.
Having to suffer for your art  is an inherent part of being an artist  - which has little to do with success,  but everything to do with creativity.

I knew immediately from Sharonas'  reaction to first hearing  'Where Did I Go Wrong?'  that she would be singing it - & I'm very glad she did!

'Little Sad Goodbye'  is not what it might appear to be (a song about the end of a romance)  It's actually  about the end of a musical partnership with a male performer,  which ended somewhat acrimoniously.
However, the female vocal  works in any case with the lyrics - thanks again Sharona!

'Ballintoy'  is a Heavenly  little village  on the North Coast of Ireland, not far from the Giants' Causway.
I found it a long time ago, while out driving with Corinne& it quickly became one of 'our places', as it has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world!

I had started writing 'Ballintoy'  but the lyrics were unfinished,  until I heard a news report about an elderly couple who had gone missing.
Eventually their car was found parked at Ballintoy Harbour,  with the keys still in it.

It turned out that one of them had been diagnosed with a terminal illness,  so they had decided to end their days together - which is tragically sad,  but their story helped me finish the song - hence the rather dark  lyrics.

Ballintoy Harbour  was used for filming in the TV series Game of Thrones  which has greatly hightened its' popularity as a tourist destination.

'In Our Dreams'  was written on the Ferry  between Belfast & Liverpool,  where I frequently used to play music, not long after getting married.
Used to wonder why I could never get a mobile phone signal once we lost sight of land (if satellites existed) - but now I know why.

'Crystaline Synthesis 432Hz'  profiled next - all being well

Cheers & God bless!