Songs for Losers 432Hz - Album Profile

Songs for Losers 432Hz - Album Profile


  • Release date: 2016 
  • Availability: Audio cassette only (gifted)
  • Tracks: 12 songs;
  1. Avante Mode
  2. I Wanna
  3. Organ Song
  4. So Long
  5. One Last Kiss
  6. Emerald Eyes
  7. Away
  8. Harlequin
  9. Synthesizer Song
  10. With the Wind
  11. Jig
  12. Piano Song


  • General Information

Starting off as a collection of rather off the wall songs  & then appended with more of the same approach,  everything about this effort is different  to any of the other albums.
This became an exploration into poetry, musical experimentation & indigenous identity.

A lot of the lyrics are deeply personal,  & it was for this reason that I felt this tape would have to be gifted  to some of my most loyal supporters.

Surprisingly reactions have been very positive, despite the fact that some tracks were real-time, one-take keyboard/vocal performances,  or just jammed with Sharona playing acoustic guitar.


Trivial Information

The songs 'So Long, Emerald Eyes, Away, With the Wind &  Jig'  were all written in minutes after jamming sessions, in the South of Ireland.
I used to partake in a lot of these sessions with my guitar-playing brothers & their friends - it always sparked my creativity.

Just a few jamming sessions would be enough to produce a handful of songs - though I gather this is the reason I'm always excluded  from these family gatherings now.

'I Wanna'  was the original title given to the song now called 'All Night Long'  - but this is a different song all together.
At the time of writing this, I was listening to a lot of artistes like Horselips, Planxty, The Wolf Tones, The Fureys & Paddy Reilly.
Consequently, there's more of a traditional Irish Folk influence  on this whole album.

From 2024 onward  there's going to be a massive surge  of interest in Irish music (& all thing Irish really)  not just here in Ireland  but across the whole world.
Unexpected by most
(and devastating to some) - I'll not say what event will trigger this, but I do know that it'll be good - very good!

'Organ Song'  is a kind of accolade  to Procol Harum  for their classic song 'Whiter Shade of Pale'  but it's not a rip-off  or cover version - more of an 'influenced by'  in the same way that 'Whiter Shade of Pale'  itself was 'influenced'  by JS Bach.
The organ  on this track is not a Hammond  though - it's actually a Yamaha Electone.

In the 1980's, long before 'The Truman Show'  I wrote a 'poem-that-became-a-song'  called 'Harlequin'  which had an  'is-our-world-really-a-stage?'  kind of theme.
Questioning the nature of our reality/human experience  is (as it turns out) central to the process of spiritual awakening & rebirth (what salvation actually is).
Because 'Harlequin'  became a song, its' words would never go on the  Poetry In Emotion  page of this website - but 
(thankfully) I copy-writed the song in 1987.

It's turned out (by pure chance) to be song number on this tape - the numeric '8' just happens  to be the symbol for infinity  which seems appropriate.
Reading over the lyrics today makes me realise how relatively enlightened  we can be, as young people, without knowing it.

Most of us can remember a time (as teenagers) when we may have been much more true to ourselves  than we are now.

'With the Wind'  was inspired by a beautiful German lady I met at a party when I was 19.
We just clicked straight away & the chemistry between us was absolutely crazy.
She had beautiful clear skin, blue eyes, blonde hair & a gentle disposition . . . & played the piano (!!!)  - first time in my life I'd ever questioned my scepticism about love at first sight.
Unfortunately her husband 
(who wasn't exactly overjoyed about her flirting with me) came over, whispered in her ear - then she turned to me & said;

"We must leave now - tomorrow we go With the Wind."

'White 432Hzprofiled next - all being well.

Cheers & God bless!