Crystaline Synthesis - Album Profile

Crystaline Synthesis 432Hz - Album Profile


  • Release date: 2015 
  • Availability: Hi-res (24-bit/96Khz) music streaming services & analogue audio cassette (CDs discontinued).  
  • Tracks: 12 songs;
  1. Before a Fall
  2. Electric Kiss
  3. Feeling So Low
  4. Believe in Me
  5. Tell Me
  6. The Volt Age
  7. Twentyfour Seven
  8. Lunar
  9. What Goes Around
  10. Electrovalency
  11. Life Support System
  12. Fortynine Keys


  • General Information

This is the most 'electronic'  of the albums & once again, Sharona  was here to spice things up with her gorgeous vocals.
We collectively  felt that this has been our strongest effort, as everything seemed to come together as though the hand of fate was orchestrating it.
In particular, the rapport with Sharona  while working on this album was uncanny.


  • Trivial Information

'Before a Fall'  is based on one of those people who (because they 'live in their egos') get their backs up  when they encounter someone different - because it reminds them just how unremarkable  they really are.
Suddenly they're diametrically opposed  to all your views  & become determined to ridicule, deride & undermine  you at every opportunity.
Such people are hopelessly lost & in darkness,  yet
(ironically) can continue to delude themselves  that they are Christian.  How very sad!
If only they knew how most people can see right through them.


'Feeling So Low'  was written by a superb songwriter - an ex-neighbour of mine called Aidan McConnell,  whos' melodies I regard as being really strong.
When we were in contact
(some time ago) he was one of the most prolific songwriters I'd met, & happily agreed to me using his song.
Also a very nice guy, Aidan  is insanely creative, but sadly I didn't get the chance to work with him as much as I would have liked, but I felt his creative potential was huge.


'Believe in Me'  I wrote for a boy/girl band, which was put together by a promoter I worked with, around 1999 or so.
I almost binned it
(I thought it was really cheesy)  but was later glad I didn't, when the group (called 'NI5')  absolutely loved it, then a local Citybeat DJ  said that it could be a hit.
Trying to write a 'pop song'  didn't come naturally, but 
the only way was to draw inspiration from the only 'pop group'  I've ever liked - ABBA.
(or perhaps fortunately) NI5 never managed to get it together, & disbanded soon after, but thankfully 'Believe in Me'  has turned out to be one of my well received efforts.


'Tell Me'  is a song that I owe to a young girl I've never even met, in person.
Some time ago, when I was dumb enough  to be on Facebook/CIA,  members of my family of origin  managed to get my account removed (by claiming it was fake - how nice)  & Sharona (who always hated Facebook)   consequently gave me over her profilewhich included all her old friends from school.
After I'd changed the profile name & uploaded photos, one girl started asking me questions, including how old I was.
I replied by saying that I was old enough to fancy her Mum - to which she replied; 
"Just tell me"  
. . . well, the 'tell me'  I thought sounded really cool,  and would  naturally  have to become a song.


 'What goes around'  is about an old girlfriend from the late 80's, who became a very good life-long friend, after I learned of a very special connection  we have.
She's one in a million!
She's been there for me on so many occasions,  just when I needed her - that I couldn't avoid being moved & inspired to write about her.

'What Goes Around'  is a sincere pledge of loyalty - in return for loyalty given.

Finally 'Life Support System'  is about being surrounded by hate-filled people (the sort of people 'Before a Fall'  is about) & the long-term effect it has on you.
Envy comes from feelings of inferiority,  because of perceived  qualities or abilities observed in others.
In reality, any one of us can become whatever we want, but it requires willingness to change  & a lot of something that is admittedly  a four-letter-word - work.
'Life Support System'  is for all those who think it's somehow ok to hurt innocent people  because of how they feel about them.


'Songs for Losers' 432Hz'  profiled next - all being well.

Cheers & God bless!