Alfie Syntauri ? . . - EP Profile

Alfie Syntauri ? - Faked His Space Missions As Well !!! - (EP profile)


  • Release Date: 2014
  • Availability: Hi-res (24-bit/96Khz) music streaming services & analogue audio cassette only (CDs discontinued)
  • Tracks: 8 songs;
  1. All Night Long (70's mix)
  2. Twentyfour-Seven (demo)
  3. Guardian Angel (Masquerade cover - duet with Sharona Purcell)
  4. Spirit (Pulsemix)
  5. Into The Black (electromix)
  6. A Different World
  7. Window To The Soul (Flashmix)
  8. Free
  • General Information

This is a collection of early demos, remixes & alternate versions - the idea for it came from the saying;  'Something old, something new, something borrowed & something blue.'

Rather than a 'marriage of styles' - this is more of a 'Collage'.

  • Trivial Information

In the religion of scientism  (the pseudo-science we're indoctrinated to believe is real science)  Alpha Centauri  is the name given to a 'star system'

. . . but in the real worldan edited version of that name was used for an early computer music synthesizer system  (by Syntauri Corp) - the Alpha Syntauri.

So naturally, to show my  'respect'  for the "scientific community"  & give a nod to 'synthesizer geekery' - I thought I'd create my own slant on David Bowies'  Ziggy Stardust  in the form of Alfie Syntauri.

Well you know what they say;
"What goes around comes around."

'All Night Long'  is a kind of tribute to the music of Barry White - an attempt to re-create (albeit with synthesizers) that 70's soul sound.

You can judge for yourself whether you think it was successful or not.


'Guardian Angel'  was very emotional, because it was the last (duet) recording I did with Sharona, before she left to pursue her studies in music technology.

So emotional in fact, that I thought the 'warbling'  vocals could not be used - but
(thankfully)  Sharona  thought that it added to the emotional impact  of the performance.

With hindsight I think she was right, as it's proved to be one of our more popular tracks, despite being a cover version.


'Spirit' (this recording)  was my very first, recorded with my brother Paul,  who also did most of the backing vocals.

This is the 'actual recording'  that won the ISR/Radio Limerick One  competition in 1992, which led to extensive airplay on RLO, Cool FM  & many other stations across Europe & four American States.

I think it stood out 
(paradoxically)  at the time because of all the crappy 4-op FM sounds from my Yamaha V-50 synthesizer  that were on it,  though that did give it a nice deep, percussive bass.

'Into the Black'  is a tribute to Curt Cobain - yet another one of many pointless & wasteful sacrifices  made by an utterly diabolical industry, run by completely corrupt & despicable reprobates.


Feel free to check out this EP when it becomes readily available - it does have a kind of 'naive charm'  that screams 'first demo recording.'

Cheers & God bless!