A Likely Story

A Likely Story

There was once a young man, let's call him 'N'  who met a beautiful woman -  'M'   & their brief encounter  was a most passionate one.

She made him feel (for the first time in his life)  genuinely respected & accepted for who he was & what his aspirations were.

Before long, she became pregnant,  & not long after that, the word marriage  came up.  But (while completely happy to stand by her & the baby)  he was only 22 - far too young, restless & full of ambition to get 'so tied down'

After some heated & sometimes tearful  arguments,  followed by a month of no contact whatsoever,  she phoned & asked to see him, because she had 'something very important to tell him.'

She said that she'd miscarried their baby,  but she was 'ok now'  & that there would be no hard feelings.  She had been offered a job (which she had accepted)  & was leaving for Aberdeen, Scotland  to start what she hoped would be a new life.

In tears & with a warm embrace, they amicably parted.

18 years later,  he's on social media, when he gets added - 4 times (because he declined the first 3 adds)  from someone he perceives as an unbelievably pretty 17-year-old girl.

It's only after her Mum (who he eventually recognises) asks him to accept her daughter 'S'  that he does so, because her mother - is his lover 'M' - from 18 years before,  & he finds out soon after,  that the unbelievably pretty young girl - is his own daughter.

Eventually & very enthusiastically, 'N'  got to meet his daughter, her mother, her stepfather & half-brothers.

'M'  apologises for the lie,  & for all those years of hiding the truth, but far from being angry, 'N' (who is himself now married)  is delighted & proud as punch.

Having just become a father to a beautiful son  almost 2 years earlier, now he finds confirmation of what he has somehow always known - that there was someone else . . . his beautiful daughter.

He wasn't angry at all - he was ecstatic,  & wanted to 'shout it from the roof-tops'  but he knew that he couldn't.

His daughter, the unbelievably pretty young girl  turns out  to be one of the most amazing, talented & compassionate people  he's ever met - he loves her completely,  & her (totally forgiven) mother becomes his lifelong friend.

is now 31-years old, but every bit as beautiful  & has very a handsome little son of her own.   I'm sure he'll turn out to be gentle, caring & brilliant  like his Mum.

'N couldn't 'shout it from the roof-tops'  because he knew, after a lifetime of mental abuse from most of his family of origin, the way they've always been towards his wife, his life, his career choice & even his young son,  that there's just no way he could ever let them come into contact with his daughter 'S' - especially now that (after a number of years)  she  has become involved  in his work, which they have always been diametrically opposed to.

Do you believe this story?

Whether you do or not is irrelevant  - but there is actually a moral  to this likely story . . . . that we should be careful  how we treat others  in this life,  because it can have life-long consequences.

Cheers & God bless!