If someone harmed your child, or anyone you care about, if you're a real man - you won't think twice about kicking their ass.

But when the system of control is harming you, your children & everyone else - why the Hell do most people think that complaining, campaigning or any other 'legal' (pussy)  approach is going to work???

Begging psychopaths who are bent on your complete domination & control to 'please be nicer'  is never going to work - especially when they're deliberately bypassing all of your rights to object to things which have a direct influence on everyones' health, freedom & happiness.

How can we ever expect justice from a judeo-masonically controlled, totalitarian system  - that is fundamentally unjust??

No - the direct approach  is always best, especially when we're being locked down  based on lies - effectively making our protests & objections impossible anyway.

If cell towers (& surveillance cameras) 'just happen' to keep falling down or catching fire,  it won't be long before their financial viability  will be seriously called into question  - & the health, safety & privacy of ourselves & our children will be (for the next while at least) ensured.

After all this very technology is already being used to disperse crowds - but those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable!

It comes down to to a simple choice - man or mouse?

Protest or angle-grinder?

You decide.

The judeo-freemasons  have become overtly aggressive  in their persuit of their new world order  - it's about time we showed them just how aggressive we can become in response to, & in prevention of this.

They  need to be reminded that there is a Hell of a lot more of us  - & there is nothing  we won't do to protect our families, ourselves, our rights & our freedom!

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#Flatten5gTowers #FlattenTheMasons